Air Time: Monday-Tuesday, 20:30-22:30
Broadcast Network: Ch3


After Nichamon (Kimberley) lost both of her parents and had nothing left, she decided to move back to Thailand to find her relatives. Before her mom’s death, Nichamon was given a rocket and the address of her grandfather. Unfortunately, when she returned her handbag was slit and she lost all her money. Due to some misunderstandings, Nichamon ended up working as ‘Pranom’, a new housekeeper of Sornnalai family. There she met Namon (Mint) and they became good friends. Namon had a crush with Pars (Alex) of Burisaman famiy, but the two families were enemy due to long-time-ago conflict. Burathad (Smart), the heir of Burisaman family and the older brother of Pars, hated Sornnalai family at heart. He believed the Sornnalai family betrayed his father and led to his father’s death. When he first met Nichamon or ‘Pranom’, he suspected her for being a spy sent by Sornnalai family. Later he suspected her for being too smart to just graduated from highschool and became an ordinary housekeeper that he then grew interests in her…

– ‘Smart’ Krissada Pornweroj as Khun Chai Burathad
– ‘Kimberley’ Anne Tiamsiri as Nichamon/Pranom
– ‘Alex’ Rendell as Pars
– ‘Mint’ Chalida Vijitvongthong as Namon
– ‘Jane’ Janesuda Parnto as Nichapaat
– ‘Gig’ Danai Jarujinda as Pongthep

Here is the official teaser of Miracle of Love from Ch3:

source: ch3