Song Title: Kwam Jing Tee Chan Glua [The Truth I Fear]
Artist: SoulDa
Record Label: Sanamluang

Mint C. is so gorgeous!!! That’s the first thing on my mind when watching the teaser of this song.

The lyrics is about a guy all of a sudden got dumped by his girlfriend, thus, he asked for the right to know the reason behind the breakup.

Other than comments on Mint Chalida, netizens also commented that the singer slightly resembles 2PM’s Nichkhun! The singer is now called by many fans “The round version of Nichkhun” (><). What do you think about the Nichkhun-look-a-like comments??

Other comments include “Is he (the male lead) a SpiderMan or sth??” and “This MV tells us that girls choose BMW over Mercedes-Benz”