Chompoo Araya will be filming a new lakorn called “Num Baan Rai Kab Waan Jai Hi So,” pairing with Peter Corp Dyrendal. In this lakorn, Chompoo is a celebrity who is having some financial problems but tries to hide it and still acting all rich and affluent because she’s ‘hi-so’. While Peter is a millionaire who has a dairy farm and loves nature and animals, so he decided to work as a veterinarian in the suburban area. How could they meet each other? Well..Peter has an adopted daughter who crazes celebrities, that’s how things gonna start!

Here are some of the concept and photoshoot of this lakorn…

I’m not so sure about how good Peter Corp acting ability is since it’s been so long since I’ve heard of him. As for Chompoo, she has her own standard, and I think the role she got must not be so far from her lifestyles anyways (rich, pretty, celeb). Hope it is a fun thing to watch later in 2012!

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