Recently on November 3, 2011, Thai girl group ‘Candy Mafia’ of Mono Music record label launched the MV for their 5th single ‘Honey Honey’, starring Pchy Witwisit or Pchy August. The song is a soft dance track with catchy tune and the MV is filled with beautiful scenery, cute Candy Mafia girls and Pchy.

Pchy August is best known from the movie “Love of Siam” few years back (alongside Mario Maurer). He is not only popular in his home country but also known in other Asian countries, especially China.

Candy Mafia is best known for their dancing skills. The group started from participating in cover dance competition (called themselves ‘5TWO1’) and won many awards before turning into singers.

I personally like the song since the first time I heard of it, when they showcased it in Modern 9 Live Concert back in October 9. I was waiting patiently and it was worth the wait :). Hope you guys enjoy the song too!

Let’s enjoy the music!

Song Title: Honey Honey
Artist: Candy Mafia
Record Label: Mono Music