Air Time: Friday-Sunday, 20:30-22:30
Broadcast Network: Ch3


Sai Chol (Nadech) who lived in Min Island saw a girl’s body by the shore and decided to save her. When the girl gained consciousness, she couldn’t remember anything about herself including her name, so Sai Chol named her Nang Fah (meaning Angel in Thai). Nang Fah (Yaya) who lost her memory has a behavior of an 8-year-old girl who is so thoughtless and innocent. Sai Chol and Mami (Beau AF5), who had a crush on Sai Chol, took good care of Nang Fah and really adore her. Sai Chol and Nang Fah gradually fell in love with each other and had a small matrimony in Min Island.

Their happy time together didn’t last long, when Nang Fah’s adopted sister, Chompooprae (Mint N.) sent someone to look for the lost Fah Ladda (or Nang Fah) and finally found her. Nang Fah was captured away from Min Island and Sai Chol was almost beaten to death for interfering. With the help of Dr. Watthana (Pope), Chompooprae’s sincere and loyal boyfriend, Fah Ladda regained her memories and was able to remember everything, except everything about Min Island and Sai Chol. Mami took care of Sai Chol after Nang Fah was gone, hoping to impress him in some way, but Sai Chol knows he couldn’t love anyone else anymore. After recovery, he decided to travel to Bangkok to look for Nang Fah….Will Sai Chol be able to find his only angel? Will Fah Ladda be able to remember her short, happy moment in Min Island?

‘Barry’ Nadech Kukimiya as Sai Chol/Charles
‘Yaya’ Urassaya Sperbund as Nang Fah/Fah Ladda
‘Mint’ Nutwara Wongwasana as Chompooprae
‘Pope’ Tanawat Wattanaputi as Dr. Watthana
‘Beau’ Savitree (Beau AF5) as Mami
‘Jack’ Methus (Jack AF4) as James
‘Boy’ Pisanu (Boy AF2) as Sahus
‘Noey’ Chotika as Plernta

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