As we all know right now Pinky Savika Chaiyadej neither has contract with Ch7 or Ch3, and it’s been awhile since we’ve heard much of her work rather than gossips. Recently, however, VOLUME magazine takes it to the extreme (as written on the cover) by having Pinky dressed in dark, black-and-red concept for their November issue cover.

In the magazine Pinky is seen in a photoshoot with another girl, which I’m not sure who she is. In one photo, Pinky and another model posted as if they’re fighting with each other, when in another photo, they embrace each other…

Meanwhile, Pinky has main actress role with cable TV channel 8’s lakorn, “Thong Pra Kai Sad,” which was supposed to be airing soon but was postponed due to flood situation. The cast of this cable TV lakorn include Oil Thana, Fluke C-Quint (RS singer), Tack Paranyu, and many others. Ch8 belongs to RS company, one of Thailand’s biggest recording label. “Thong Pra Kai Sad” is rescheduled to air in early 2012.