On November 11, Taew Nattaporn posted a photo of Por Tissadee and tweeted “My Bodyguard^^“. Despite the flood in Thailand, the two stars are still busy filming for lakorn at Chiangmai (Thailand’s province in the north). The lakorn they are filming is called “Poo Pa Prae Mai”. I’m not so sure about the storyline of the lakorn they’re shooting, but for sure Por will play the role of ‘Poo Pa’ and Taew will play the role of ‘Prae Mai’, which was how they got the lakorn name from.

Some of the comments made by fans after seeing the picture were: “you have a very handsome bodyguard! So jealous. Tehe -_-” “P’Por is so cool ^_^” and “Poo Pa Prae Mai?

source: twitter, instagr.am