Update on Thong Pra Kai Sad:
Pinky said she already finished filming about 10 episodes of Thong Pra Kai Sad. Due to flood situation in Bangkok, the cast and crew has to move to Pattaya for another location to continue filming. The on-air period will either started an the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

The cast of Thong Pra Kai Sad

She’s a little worry about her grandmother, who is also the victim of this flood situation. Right now, everything is fine though, and she’s happy with her life.

Right now Pinky also has her 2nd lakorn filming with RS (Ch8 Infinity’s root company), same channel as ‘Thong Pra Kai Sad’. The lakorn will involve singing Luktoong songs, Thai country music.

Her 3rd lakorn detail still has not be comfirmed, so she didn’t tell must detail about it. She’ll announce if everything is settled.

source: daradaily.com
photo credit: kapook.com, rakdara.net