Ter Chantavit Dhanasevi recently treated his followers with a hilarious photo of himself pointing at Park Ji Sung’s picture (and Park pointing back XD) and tweeted “Hi there! Hahahaa.” Lately he also posted the scenery photos of London, Stonehenge, and British museum…and that’s how I figured out where he’ve been during the flood crisis in Thailand.

The photo reallly amuses his fans as they commented something like “555+ very funny,” looks like close friends that haven’t met for a long time 55555555,” and “Caption should read… “Hey! I remember you!” ☺☺

Ter was best know for his screen role in the movie called “Hello Strangers” or Kuan Muen Ho which was a big hit in Thailand last year.

Here is the trailer of the movie with English sub:

source: twitter, instagr.am