At November 14, Mike posted a picture of himself and Amy Morakot holding a child up to take photo. He tweeted, “Since when did i hav a wife and a son?! :-0..but wait..I hte how i also look like a mom myself haha.” In the photo, fans spotted his red lips that really contrast with his fair skin. Actress Vill Wannarot, a good friend who once rumored to be dating Mike, commented “umm…looks like the mom is the one with black shirt.” Jongbae Park, a singer under Kamikaze, RS Promotion, also jokingly commented “U dont hav a wife but u DO hav a hidden son!! :p” (refering to the news that Mike made someone pregnant).

Other followers’s comments include “So cute :”) & you do not look like a mum (ehm similarity with your parents is but I mean you don’t look like a female!!!) ^_~“, “Hey Mike!!!!! I’m a Japanese fan of you x)))) I found you♡♡ About 4 years ago, I met you and Golf in Shinagawa, Tokyo;)))“, “love kids!” and “mama Mike kekekee XD.”

source: Mike’s instagram