Kao Jirayu starred in ‘Second Place’ MV, a song sang by Tae Sant, as a bad boy who doesn’t know how the right way to impress the girl he likes! The mv tells the story of Kao and Nao on their last day as high school students. Kao wanted attention from his crush but he’s too shy to do something romantic, so instead, he pranked her in many ways. It was until Nao said to him at 2:56, “You’re disgusting! I hate you! Please remember!,” that he realized the acting-cool method would not work on her….See for yourself on how the story ended.

Note: When Thai students graduate from high school, they will usually put on stickers and write messages on the uniform for each other.

Song Title: Ber Song [Second Place]
Artist: ‘Tae’ Sant (Nune’s husband’s brother!!)
Album: Project Love Pill (various artists)
Record Label: We Records, Gmm Grammy

Brief song lyrics:

I didn’t lose to others, it’s just I’m not the one
I didn’t lose, I’m just someone who knows what you want,
so I know what I should do
I’m not yet the right one for you, therefore I should step away
I’m just wishing silently in my heart

*I can’t afford to be your best person
Although I can’t win over your heart,
but keep in mind that’s I’m never mad at you

I might be someone you never turn to
I might be someone who who deserves a second place
I might be someone you would just pass away
I’m just like a breeze that you can’t even feel
I’m just like a sun that doesn’t shine
But what you never know about me until today…
is that I love you

I’m just an ordinary person aiming for Nang Fah (angel)
who has nothing worth noting
Just an ordinary person secretly loving the angel
….and that’s enough

Naw: “You’re disgusting! I hate you! Please remember!”


Kao: “Naw, I’m sorry”
Naw: (Laugh) “So you know how to do something good, huh?”
Kao: “Do you like it?”
Naw: “I do.” “I’m going now.” 🙂

Extra screencaps:

PS. I usually capture only 2 images for each MV,,,,,,but Kao’s just too good-looking that I captured more than 6 shots of him!! So that’s why I’m sharing all >< haha

PSS. So I just found out few days after I posted this article that the singer is actually Tod’s older brother! After reviewing this MV, I was addicted to the song and keep thinking about the MV scenes. I just thought, “hmm the singer looks familiar,,,did I ever see him before?” until one day I woke up and realized that he looks like Nune’s husband. So I searched his name…and he happened to be Tod’s brother…hmm..that’s new to me…but this song is good!