Tono Pakin and Aim Siriphitchaya, Bu Ngah Na Fon costar, reunites in Tono’s latest music video, ‘We Are Destined’. Their love story is based on fortune telling. Tono’s zodiac sign is Leo, and the radio reported that a person born on that period will encounter his perfect match. While Aim, who was reading a fortune telling section of a magazine, also found out that a person born on Sunday might meet the right guy if single. The two first met when Aim nearly got hit by a car driven by Tono. They seemed to dislike each other at first, but they keep seeing each other again since they live in the same apartment. The more they meet, the more they feel good about each other. Check out the MV yourself for more!

Song Title: Maan Took Kam Nod Wai Laew [We Are Destined]
Artist: Tono (The Star 6)
Record Label: exact, gmm grammy