Earlier our site reported that Porsche Saran got the first place for Top 10 Most Huggable Guys. However, later it has been revealed that that ranking was only from votes in the website, which counts as 60% of the final score (- -“). Another 40% votes come from Sudsapda’s facebook, thus, the true ‘no. 1 pick’ for Most Huggable Guy 2011 is actually Boy Pakorn!

Porsche Saran and Boy Pakorn actually switched places; Boy becomes 1st, Porsche, 3rd. Nadech still ranks second. What’s surprising is that the top 10 most huggable guys of the year hasn’t change. It’s still Boy, Nadech, Porsche, Mario, Pope, Pong, Mark, Kao, Ken Pupoom, and Pae Arak!! LOL that’s cool…

Top 20 Most Huggable Guys, Sudsapda, 2011

Note: Sudsapda’s December issue will be released on December 16, 2011.

source: Sudsapda.com
Boy’s photo credit: HAMBURGER Mag.