Latest update: this result was only based on the Sudsapda’s website, which is only 60% of the total votes. Click here for the changes in ranking.

Congratz to Porsche Saran for being the ‘number 1 pick’  for being Sudsapda’s most huggable guy!! Porsche Saran is an actor under Channel 7. The vote was opened from November 3 to 15, at 12:00, by Sudsapda Magazine. The top 10 most huggable guys will be featured in Sudsapda’s December issue. The three lucky vote participants will get a great chance to meet their favorite stars…and of course will get to HUG them! (Jealous already?)

Votes from (60% of the final result)

No. 1 – Porsche Saran
No. 2 – Barry Nadech
No. 3 – Boy Pakorn
No. 4 – Pong Nawat
No. 5 – Pope Tanawat
No. 6 – Mario
No. 7 – Pae Arak
No. 8 – Ken Pupoom
No. 9 – Mark Prin
No. 10 – Kao Jirayu

Last year’s 10 chosen ones were Nadech, Mark, Kao, Porsche, Om, Dan Worrawech, Bie ‘The Star’, Rit ‘The Star’, Tono ‘The Star’, and Gun ‘The Star’.

PS. Sorry for I just found out about the vote this morning but didn’t read the details that the vote would close at 12:00 -__-,,, Otherwise you guys might be able to vote..(but I’m not so sure if that was possible because email and phone number must be included). I didn’t even vote yet myself because I just can’t choose one ><

PSS. Who would you choose??? I’d really want to know ><

Porsche’s photo credit: Hi! Magazine