Wind (Dan) is a singer and a song writer with high self esteem. He gained popularity from his first album, however, his second album did not become a big hit. His producer commented that all the songs he wrote sounded the same and suggested him to find an inspiration so that he can write a song that touches listerners’ heart. With all the pressure and disappointment, he escaped to Mae Hong Son to take a rest. There he met Mork (Chat), a girl who’s a highly skilled pianist. He was impressed with her talent so he offered her a work as his backup pianist. She then told him that if two persons are to perform together, they need to share the same breath. They became closer through music and developed good feelings. He then realized that he finally found the lost melody that he was looking for.

Main cast:
– Dan Worrawech as Wind
– Chat Pariyachat as Mork

Genre: Romantic/Comedy

This is the first time for Dan Worrawech and Chat Pariyachat to work together. The movie is based on passion in music, love, and struggle. Dan Worrawech who is a singer, song writer, composer, director, and an actor in real life played the male lead of this movie. Dan sang ‘The Melody’s theme song “Rak Tum Nong Nee [The Melody]” (same name as the movie title). Chat and Dan also sang a duet together for this movie called “Rak Mai Chai Wan Sood Tai [Love is timeless]”. The movie is postponed to December 8, 2011, instead of November 17.

Here is the trailer with English sub:

Here is the official MV for [The Melody] with English sub:

Some screenshots from the movie:

source:, youtube