Lisa Weekly’s November 16 issue features Nune Woranuch, a female lead of her currently airing lakorn, Sen Tai Salai Sode (ch7). In the photo set, Nune portrayed a working woman, looking smart on pants and looking chic on dresses. Nune’s hair was pulled and clipped to the back, defining the professional look. Her hair looked quite waxy though, but the outfits are very pretty and suited her age, and ofcourse Nune is as pretty as always 🙂

Nune said in an interview that because her husband’s company has been flooded badly, she will need to help him in every way. Thus, her plan of having a child after Sen Tai Salai Sode might be postponed. She’ll think of it over again once the problem with Singha company has been resolved. Right now she’s still filming Sen Tai Salai Sode and the production crew will move to Pattaya to continue. She hopes that her lakorn will help fans by bringing laughter and relieving their stress.

sources: Lisa Weekly,