On November 16, Ja and Great uploaded photos of themselves along with Taew and Mint C. on their trip to help flood victims with Channel 3. Ja tweeted “Yayyyy,, we r ready!!” and “doing our best! hehehe,” while Great tweeted “Yayy..helping flood victims at Bang Kruay.” The actor and actresses was seen with light to no make up. I have a feeling Taew and Mint only put on sunscreen, but I’m not sure about Ja and Great. What do you guys think?

doing our best! hehehe

Yayy..helping flood victims at Bang Kruay

As for the last photo uploaded by Great, Boy Pakorn commented something like “Great, where is your left hand? Tell me now 😦“. Alex then responded “Haha I thought so too! Boy Pakorn, don’t you think he seems too happy?” Fans remarked, “P’Great, where did you place your right hand?,” “P’Great, please answer P’Boy, many ppl are curious 555+“, and “Boy’s comment is hilarious.”

Meanwhile, not only these 4 stars are helping the flood victims, but many actors/actresses and everyone else are trying their best to bring hopes and happiness to the victims. Please pray for Thailand and do whatever you can to help us too :). Big thanks!

sources: Ja’s and Great’s twitter, instagr.am