Recently there’s a paparazzi shot of Dome Pakorn Lum holding hand with an anonymous girl, who was thought to be June, a girl rumored to be the cause of his breakup with Paint. With netizens’s sharp eyes, however, they were able to find out the girl’s identiy. Her (nick)name is Gusjung, a university student who is an MC in “Girl Zaa” and “Teen Update” in a cable channel, Zaa Network.

Update: She took the female leading role in the movie “Elephant White.”

Dome admitted that he’s in a relationship with Gusjung. He met her through one of his seniors. He also complimented that Gusjung is a smart and a hard-working person with bright personality. When the news reporter asked whether it’s too fast to begin a new relationship when he just broke up with his ex few weeks ago, he replied “I must admit it is quite fast. However, I think I am matured enough to make the decision, so I hope everyone will respect what I have decided.”

Meanwhile, Dome is going to have a new lakorn with Polyplus called “Tawan Tor Sang,” and the filming will begin earlier next year. It is a remake lakorn, and he said he’s going to play an evil role (I’m not sure if he means the male lead with bad personality or an antagonist – -“). He’s also going to release a single album once again in 10 years, and the title song is called “Kidteung [Missing You].” Once the MV is released I’ll surely post it for you guys!

This is an audio version of Kidteung:

source: (Dao Kra Jai)

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