Recently, MThirtynine released the fun and lively behind-the-scene clips of Ken Pupoom and Aum Patcharapa on the set of filming ’30 Kum Lang Jaew’. In the movie, Ken Pupoom had to perform so many exhausted scenes such as performing a firefighter’s tasks, diving in an aquarium to flirt a girl, and carrying a girl on his back. Aum Patcharapa played a decent 30+ woman who must revolve around a young man who fell in love with her (Ken), her young assistant, and her ex who dumped her on her 30th birthday. The movie is still showing in the movie theaters in Thailand. What I find interesting about this movie when I first saw the trailer is that it’s quite rare for an actor/actress from Ch7 and Ch3 to actually work together, especially as the leading ones.

Aum’s behind-the-scene:

Ken’s behind-the-scene: