As you all know, we only have more than a month left before a new year, 2012, begins. One of the Channel 3’s projects that fans anticipated the most is the release of Channel 3 calendar featuring its famous actors and actresses. Recently, teaser photos of the calendar has been revealed through various websites, including Yaya’s fansite. Do you like the pairing in the photos? Check and judge for yourself!

Hot guys from Ch3's 4+1 Superstar project: Boy, Ken P., Mario, Nadech, Mark

New generation actresses: Mew, Yaya, Mint C., Kim

Another set of actresses: Yard, Nune, Mint N. (why is she with her seniors?), Rita

Ken P., Margie, and Alex (this is just too lovely!!)

Tai, Matt, Susie, and Boy (both couple look gorgeous!! ><)

Aum, Cherry, and Ken T. (I like the models too but the dogs are too adorable!!)

Louise, Ja (she looks so sweet here), Pat, Nat

Pope, Namfon, Poh, and Benz (I knew it! They would pair Benz and Por)

Vicky, Aun, Smart, and Janie (I just love Vicky's pose and hairstyle, just like goddess)

Por, Ploy, and Rome (Ploy, who would you choose?)

Mark, Taew, and Mario (so fresh!! and I just love Mario's outfit)

Aff, Nadech (super saiyan), and Ann (wonder if they will ever pair in lakorns)

Great, Chompoo, Art, and Pop (My least favourite :(, though I like Great and Art)

All I can say is that I’m exciting for the actual calendar to release!!

credit: dek-d