Just few days ago when I posted an article consisted of Taew’s photo, she tied her hair up revealing her wide forehead. Recently Taew uploaded pictures of herself with tweet messages “Been waiting” and “And still waiting.” However, what has caught everyone’s attention more than anything is her current hairstyle with bangs. She then replied, “My new hair for lakorn jaaa^^“.

Her followers commented, “I can’t recognize you in this photo,” “nice ka!,” “At a glance you look like Matt (Peranee),” “Look Emily, love it.” Mint Chalida also remarked, “cute” as a compliment to her new hairstyle.

PS. She looks great here, but it’s so hard to recognize that she’s Taew. As for me, I prefer her without bangs; but who knows, I can’t just judge the look by 2 photos right? ><

credit: Taew’s twitter, instagr.am