His name is Mac Weeradon or Mac AF6, a singer turned actor, who most of you might know as ‘Chanon‘ from Plerng Toranong. He did such a decent job in his first lakorn and people started to pay more attention to him. Mac, like Beau AF5, was first recognized from a reality show/singing contest called True Academy Fantasia. Apart from being an actor, he is also in a band called ‘Wong[Karn Banterng] or MALEodrama with other AF6 contestants. Their latest single, “Freeze the Time,” is currently one of my favorite songs on my youtube account. I’m so in love with the sounds of piano and Tee’s gentle and sweet voice (><).

Song Title: Yud Wela Wai [Freeze the Time]
Artist: Wong[Karn Banterng] – AF6’s Mac, Tee, Aof, and Ichy
Record label: AF Fantasia
Check out the MV and enjoy the music! (song starts at 0:35)

Meanwhile, Mac Weeradon is performing a musical show called ‘Love You Always’, with other cast including Golf Pichaya (Golf-Mike), Patcha AF2, and Bee Peerapat. For his new lakorn, he’s receiving a great opportunity to take a leading role in Thai version of Coffee Prince(!!!). According to Mac, the filming will start next month and the press conference on the lakorn will soon be announced. Thus, keep coming to our site for more updates!

news source: TV Pool