Last time I posted few close-up photos of Taew with her bangs, later she revealed farther away shots of herself, enabling us to recognize her more easily. On the first photo (above), Taew tweeted nothing but a smiling emoticon “^^”. People complimented her for being so cute and pretty.

On the second photo Taew tweeted “Swinging 555” leaving fans curious about what the photo would look like. In this amusing photo, Teaw was exercising with a hula hoop, swinging around her waist and was also making funny face to show how much she enjoyed it. Comments from her followers include “Work it baby“, “is that you? if yes then that’s so cute :’)“, “oh 555“, and “COOL ><“.

PS. Swinging here means to move in a curve around a central point.

credit: Taew’s twitter +