Bie Sukrit or Bie The Star received a donation of 51,000 yuan (about 250,000 baht or 8,000 dollar) from the Drogonflies, his Chinese fanclub, to help support Thai flood victims. Bie has gained popularity in Mainland China from Exact’s lakorns that were aired in China. His remarkable lakorns in China include ‘Roy A-Deed Hang Rak’, ‘Hua Jai Si La’, and ‘Dok Rak Rim Tarng’. Not only is he famous as an actor, his songs and mvs are also well-known among fans.

This is the message Dragonflies posted on baidu website to show their support:

“Aspirations of the Dragonflies (Chinese’ fans of Bie )
from Tips Bar of Baidu China
A flood the most serious one for the latest fifty years has occurred in Thailand.
Thai suffer the disaster a lot .All the Chinese Dragonflies have cared about it.
There are many disasters on the earth.
Love is energy which can turn danger into safety.
Recently, All the Dragonflies reached out to Thai by donation.
We hope to voice our sincere wishes to Thai by Bie.
Love is stateless and it can traverse the space-time without being exceeded. Dragonflies from Tips Bar of Baidu are expecting Thai to tied over the difficulty and rehabilitate their beautiful homeland as soon as possible.

“Come on Bie! Come on Thailand!
Chinese Dragonflies will support you for ever!
All the Dragonflies from Tips Bar of Baidu China

On the paper he wrote "Thank you so much Chinese fans for the kindness you've given to Thai people. Love you/ ai ni you

Meanwhile, Bie ranks first as the most handsome Asian star on a poll conducted by a chinese website, The poll is still active and will be concluded on December 8, 2011.

PS. Thanks Bie’s Chinese fans for supporting us! We really appreciate your kind-heartedness (><)

credit:, ifensi