Toomtam Yuthana has just released his latest music video of ‘My Pain, Your Loneliness’. He is the winner of the 7th season of ‘The Star’ singing contest that had just ended on May 1, 2011. ‘My Pain, Your Loneliness’ is about a guy who was dumped by his girlfriend and a girl who was hurt by her ex-boyfriend. The two coincidently met each other when both were still in grief. Toomtam tried to help the girl overcome sadness and eventually had feelings for her. He asked her to be his girlfriend; she asked for some time to think. Will the story end with happiness? Find it out from the mv! ><

PS. Be familiar with him, because Exact will surely give him a role in lakorns soon! After all, he’s not bad-looking 🙂

Song Title: Jeb Kong Chan Ngao Kong Ter [My Pain, Your Loneliness]
Artist: Toomtam (The Star 7)
Record Label: exact, gmm grammy