During the time when ‘4 Hua Jai Hang Koon Kao‘ was airing, the three couples from the series-Nadech, Yaya, Mark, Mint, Namm, and Guggib-went to promote their lakorns at Star Stage TV program. The 2 main couples opened the show by singing their theme song ‘Hai Rak Dearn Tang Ma Jer Kan‘. Then the scene where Nadech and Yaya were eating the same piece of apple was mentioned. Yaya claimed that it’s the help of camera angles that made them seem so close. The MCs then let the cast demonstrate the use of camera angles, first Nadech with Yaya, then Nadech with Mark, and last, Nadech with Namm (LMAO!!).

Yaya was too shy off-screen ><

Epic!! Namm said the lips actually touched!! XD


credit: Star Stage (ch3)
photos: pantip