I’m excited!! I mean seriously Min looks so gorgeous! I was melting watching her posing in the behind-the-scene clip ><! While I was doing screencaps, I couldn’t help but capturing so many pretty shots of her; she’s such a pro. Channel 7 is so lucky to have her signed contract. In Magazine always bring out the actresses’ particular charm that I favor, that’s why it is my favourite magazine :). I love Min’s smile, her sweet face, her messy hairdo, the clothes she wore, and the background setting in a horse farm. I’m sure In Magazine won’t disappoint me here, and I’m definitely going to buy this issue!

Here is the bts clip of Min Peechaya:

Extra screencaps:

Oh my, she can also look cool and sexy!!

PS. As many of you may already know that ch7 is doing a remake of Baan Sai Tong and they plan to let Min play ‘Podjamarn’. Whether the male lead will be Om, Pong, or anyone else. I hope the production will be good! I use to watch ch7 more than ch3 when I was young, but this year I only remember watching one lakorn (Taweepope) from ch7 -.-”

PSs. If you like the song in the bts clip, check out the official mv of ‘Young Sode’ [Still Single] from a girl group called Olives :). It’s quite popular here in Thailand.

credit: gmember