Who would have imagined that his first lakorn would already earn him this much reward? Tono Pakin or Tono The Star has received a Best Actor in a Supporting Role nomination from his role as Kidd in Exact’s first musical lakorn, Kham Wela Ha Rak. He is one of the five nominees in Asian Television Awards 2011 that will be hosted in Singapore this coming December.

For this good news, Tono commented “It’s so unbelievable! At first when I heard the news from Exact’s staff, I thought it was just a joke. But when they showed me the official document, I was jumping up and down with excitement! I’ve never thought that my name would appear on the list since Kham Wela Ha Rak was my first and the company’s first musical lakorn. It’s delightful that my performance has caught the judges’ attention. Other than me, there are 4 more nominees, and one of that is my role model, Ar Ning Nirut who played in Fai Amata. Two of the other nominees are from Malasia, and one from Hongkong. The nomination is really something to be proud of for me and my family. The Exact’s staff said that this award is like an Oscar Award of Asia. For me, being nominated is already a pleasure! On December 8, I will definitely fly off to Singapore to join Asian Television Awards program!

You may see the full list of Asian Television Awards 2011 nominations from this link.

UPDATE: Tono didn’t win.

source: gmember
photo: postjung