A while ago Boy Pakorn, Margie Rasri, and Taew Nattaporn were having fun posting sequel photos of Boy Pakorn surrounded by ch3’s beautiful actresses. Hot girls that I mentioned include Kimberley, Margie, Mint Chalida, Ja Jittapa, Taew Nattporn, and Jern Nichapan. First off, Margie tweeted ” We hate this guy” and followed with “greed he’s so sexy”.  Boy tweeted “Everyone screams for me huhu<3” for the first photo, then posted the next photo with “but the truth is……..(-o-)“. Taew also uploaded the set of photos with a caption ” And here we go…our boy 555” on the first photo, and “But the truth is!!” on the second one.

Here are the photos in upload time sequence!

Margie: We hate this guy (>w<)

Margie: greed (scream) he's so sexy / LOL I like Taew here the most

Boy: Everyone screams for me huhu<3 / Taew! Like a cat!

Boy: but the truth is........(-o-) / LOL at the girls' expression!

Taew: And here we go...our boy 555

Taew: But the truth is!! / Kim...Boy stinks??

source: instagr.am