Recently, Gubgib uploaded a photo of Mario Maurer and Off Pongpat showing off their tummy for a shot. I bet you have seen photos of Mario with sexy abs and flat tummy, but never before with huge round tummy as this XD. Wonder if Mario gained weight…what’s behind his shirt? Fats or muscles? But as for Pongpat, I’m sure it’s not six pack abs ><.

Comments by fans include “so cute arr“, “guys can get pregnant too 5555“, and “I miss you (Mario) in Bangkok Kungfu 55“.

Taew then commented about Aof’s backache condition, “P’Off still hurt his back?”; Gubgib later answered “Not yet“. 😦

I find this photo funny…the tummy and their expression are priceless. Hope Pongpat will recover and continue producing good lakorns like Roy Mai for us to watch!

Mario last year on VOLUME...hasn't change much(?) XD

credit: Gubgib’s, Volume, magazinedee