Many days ago when he went out to help the flood victims, Boy tweeted “Being called Boy Pakorn Lam was sad enough, but today while I was giving out the donations, someone shouted ‘Hey it’s Dome! Dome is here!!!’ T_T“. As a result, Boy Pakorn used a text screened t-shirt to tell this to everyone, “I am “Boy Pakorn” without “Lam” krub“. While on Nong’s t-shirt, the text says “I am not “Boy Pakorn” krabb“.

Fans’ funny comments include “you even made a t-shirt for this? 55555“, “that’s so great P’Boy Pakorn..without Lam“, “you should wear this every time you go out na ^^“, “hahaha omg i like ur shirt p’boy pakorn lam ! oppps :p“, and “your faces are so serious!

This hilarious photo received over 300 comments and 8000 likes in one day on instagram, already excluding twitter!

credit: Boy’s