So, now that the cover of Sudsapda’s Most Huggable Guys 2011 issue has been revealed, what do you think about it? Does the photo reach your expectation? In this article we will discuss about the official photo, the pre-edited photo, and the comparison between last year’s and this year’s cover.

Take a closer look at the cover (click on the photo for full image size)…what’s the first thing you recognize here? What’s your first thought? For me, it’s Pong Nawat’s triceps!! OMG He’s totally a boss here! Haha

As I observed the photo, I spotted Kao’s arm and Porsche’s arm overlapping looks awkward…so as Porsche’s chin, which looks longer and distorted in some ways. Another spot I noticed that’s totally wrong is Boy Pakorn’s pants!! You see, he’s got gray or brown pants exactly?! That’s totally fake!

Now let’s see the real shot for the cover before retouch!

LOL there were no Porsche and Mario on the set that day!!

So Boy wore brown pants that day…now I wonder whose belly (with gray pants) was that on Boy’s body XD. It’s just sad that not all 10 of them were able to be there for the photoshoot at the same time :(. I guess Sudsapda already did their best for the cover photo. Let’s anticipate more photos from this issue!

And here is last year’s cover for Most Huggable Guys 2010

Though this year’s retouch work looks obviously fake, but I personally prefer this year’s concept better. Last year’s cover looks too ordinary….I guess it was easier to retouch last year’s photo, yet I have a feeling they added Mark, Gun, Dan, and Bie later.

Which cover do you prefer?

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