Beau Savitree or ‘Beau AF5’, who is currently remarkable as Mami from GRGR, recently shared her favorite photo from Maxim photoshoot with a caption “My most fav pic from the Maxim shoot” and “However… I don’t think this pic will b in the magazine hehe“.

Before that, Beau also posted another photo from the magazine and tweeted, “Maxim is released now! Don’t forget to buy na<3“. Many complimented her in the photos for being sexy, hot, gorgeous, and beautiful

For those anticipating her next onscreen work, Beau, Nadech, and Yaya will reunite again in ‘Torranee Nee Nee Krai Krong‘. Beau played the role of Tulayanee. Meanwhile, let’s hope Mami will reappear soon in GRGR to solve the misunderstandings between FahLadda and SaiChol ><.

credit: Beau’s