Air Time: Friday-Sunday, 20:30-22:30 (starting December 16, 2011)
Broadcast Network: Ch3


The story revolves around three men (3 Num) who are best friends, Kritchai (Mark), Theethud (Ken P.), and Watchara (Boy), their lives, and love relationship.

Kritchai is a handsome, polite, and gentle man who fell in love with Arunsri (Kimberley) since the first time he met her. Because he had never asked a girl out, Kritchai always looked self-composed when he faces Arunsri, his employee. Due to his personality and certain incidents, Arunsri mistook him as gay and thought that he dislike her for working with him. Supannika (Marie), her bestfriend, doubted that their boss might like Arunsri, but Arunsri disagreed. Kritchai later found out that Arunsri already had a boyfriend; he felt miserable, but still couldn’t give up on her.

Theethud is a playboy who enjoyed being single and never thought of having a real girlfriend, let alone marrying someone. One day he was severely attacked by Lampao (Toey J.), Kritchai’s cousin, who thought Theethud was a thief. From the start, they always argued and were hating on each other. Theethud insulted Lampao by saying she would never find a man to marry with. Lampao who was furious then retorted that she would make him bow down to her and ask her to marry him one day.

Watchara and Namm (Pita) were dating for over 5 years. He was forced by his girlfriend to marry within a year. Namm is self-centered and never give Watchara his personal space. Watchara felt no freedom when he’s with her but still moved on to marriage because he didn’t want to waste the 5-year relationship. Everytime Watchara met Supannika, they always had an argument and had a bad impression for each other. However, as time passed by, the more he enjoyed quarrelling with Supannika, and the more he realized that he loved his girlfriend no more.

– Mark Prin as ‘Krit‘ or ‘Kritchai
– Kimberley as ‘Aew‘ or ‘Arunsri
– Boy Pakorn as ‘Wat‘ or ‘Watchara
– Marie Broenner as ‘Fai‘ or ‘Supannika
– Ken Pupoom as ‘Thee‘ or ‘Theethud
– Toey Jarinporn as ‘Pao‘ or ‘Lampao
– VJ Pita as ‘Namm
– VJ Woonsen as ‘Korn

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