‘Singto The Star’ has released his new single, a pop version of Chan Ja Yu Kiang Kang Ter or I Will Stay By Your Side. There are two versions of this song, the pop version and the classic version. The classic version is used in the musical show called ‘4 Pan Din’, which Singto also participated in.

The story in the MV started with the doctor checking Aom’s eyes condition and concluded that she got an eye disorder in which bleeding occurs in the retina. She would eventually become a blind person if she rejects the surgery operation. When she was in her worst condition, Singto was there to support her and stay by her side no matter what happens.

For those who doesn’t know Aom Sucharat, she’s popular in Thailand and mainland China for her leading role in a movie “Yes or No”, along with Tina Jittaleela back in 2010.

PS. Many people commented on youtube that he looks so much like Big D2B, do you think they look alike?

Check out the MV below..

Song Title: Chan Ja Yu Kiang Kang Ter [I Will Stay By Your Side]
Artist: ‘Singto’ The Star
Record Label: exact, gmm grammy