As I’ve reported earlier and as many of you already know, Boy Pakorn’s father had passed away over 5 years ago. On Father’s Day, December 5, 2011, Boy and his little brother, Pat, happily celebrated this day with their mother. Boy who never fails to amuse us with his comments uploaded this photo, saying “Happy Father’s Day at pattaya. Nong (another brother), you missed it, I called Dad to eat with us too u know? 555

Fans commented “P’Nong must be envious by now 555“, “same as me“, “P’Nong must be crying by now 555“, “so cute“, “If your dad is still alive, he must be so proud of his sons“, “your mom is very cute krub“, “you all have the same smile!“, “I’m in pattaya too <3<3“, “so sad for Nong“, “Happy Father’s Day!“, etc.

credit: Boy’s instagram