First of all, I didn’t mean to be ‘racist’ here. It’s just that so many Thai celebs uploaded photos with their father, so I needed to categorize those photos otherwise there would be too many photos in one article and I wouldn’t be able to write much about each photo.

Chompoo with her father and sister(?) – “Smile dad!!
Chom’s father has been sick in the hospital for quite a long time, but on this day, Chom updated that her father is going home today! I’m happy for you Chompoo Araya 🙂

Mai Davika with her father – “Happy Father’s day <3<3<3 love papa!!

Matt Peranee with her father – “love you haha

Alex Rendell with his father – “Happy fathers day!
People that we love, say friends or lovers, when they find something better, they would leave us. But our family, our father, they would never leave us…happy fathers day! LOVE DAD” – Alex tweeted
Currently, his father is not in Thailand, so this photo must have been taken long ago.

PS. For Thai people, ‘dad/father’ in this case can mean either or both the biological father and His Majesty The King.

credit: Chompoo’s, Alex’s, Matt’s, Mai’s