Ever since Dome admitted his dating relationship with Gusjung, reporters were busy publishing news and rumors about her and netizens were busy searching for her pictures and profile. Recently Gusjung appeared on the show called ‘Bok Gao Lao Sib’ on mcot channel to answer questions regarding their relationship. It was revealed that Dome and Gusjung only talked to each other for about three weeks before going steady.

Gusjung also revealed that Dome Pakorn Lam is not her ‘ideal type’ (she prefers Korean looking men), but as she got a chance to talk and know him better, she feels that he’s a nice, straightforward guy and a gentleman.

In related news, when Dome’s mother knew about this and was asked if she’s okay with their relationship, she said that she’s not surprised that Dome has a new girlfriend but she was surprised about her son’s new girlfriend’s age (19).

credit: mcot channel, pantip, instagr.am