Seesan Banterng has revealed the behind-the-scene clip of 2012 calendar with Aff Taksaorn, Ann Thongprasom, and Nadech Kukimiya.  This photoshoot set was the first to be shooted outdoor, at Sam Pran Garden, Nakornprathom. Other than the three superstars, two huge elephants of Sam Pran Garden were the most important props in the background. In the interview, Aff was asked if she was nervous taking photos with the elephants, she said she’s more nervous taking photos beside Nadech XD. She’s happy to have a chance to work with Nadech and Ann, since the opportunity is so rare. Lastly, Ann asked ch3’s fans to buy the calendar and be a part of ch3’s family :).

so…would you want one? ><

special photo:

Ann looking gorgeous on that ivory long dress, photo taken with the elephant

credit: Seesan Banterng, ch3
photo: dek-d, Ann’s