The opening theme song of TomYum Lum Sing has been released, the song that has the same name as the lakorn title. There are two versions of the theme song, Chompoo and Por duet version, and Chompoo solo version. TomYum Lum Sing is based on love and competition in the Morlum music industry. No doubt, they would release songs sang by the actors and actresses.

In the lyrics she also sang something about herself and Reya starting from 3:34 of the clip (duet version). With my poor skill in Esarn dialect, I think she sang “A teenage girl doesn’t know superstars. But when she sees Chompoo Araya, but when she sees Chompoo Araya, (she said) ‘Is this Reya, a female lead in primetime lakorn?’

TomYum Lum Sing will start airing next year on January 9, 2012, on every Monday and Tuesday. That means Rak Pathiharn will end on January 3, 2011.

As for the song, I like Chompoo’s solo version better. I think Por’s voice sounded a little off for Morlum music ><.

TomYum Lum Sing [duet]

TomYum Lum Sing [solo]