After Game Rai Game Rak, Beau AF5, Yaya, and Nadech are to reunite again in a remake of ‘Toranee Nee Nee Krai Krong‘. Beau will play Tulayanee or Nu Toon, Darunee’s (Yaya’s) bestfriend, who will be introduced to Artid (Nadech) by Duranee, and will be persuaded to fall in love with him. Compared to her role as Mami, Beau Savitree looks more sweet, sophisticated, and matured as Nu Toon in TRNNNKK. Her long flowing hair is let down and curled to look more feminine.

TRNNNKK will be taken mainly in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s northern city which has lots of beautiful scenery of nature and greens, perfect location for shooting.

breathtaking isn’t it?” – asked by Beau Savitree

>> Nu Toon and Duranee <<