OMG the girls are literally gorgeous!! Channel 3 has released the behind-the-scene clip of Mew Laknara, Yaya Urassaya, Mint Chalida, and Kim Kimberley for the first time on Seesan Banterng ><. For the photoshoot, the girls were wearing pastel color swimming suits, peach color on Mew, aqua blue for Yaya, marigold for Mint C., and sapphire blue on Kim. Their heads were decorated with beautiful flowers. Mew’s and Mint’s flower matched their swimming suits, but what happened to Yaya’s and Kim’s? LOL….Of all the BTS clip, this one is so far my favorite one! Haha they all look so lovely, pretty, and sweet <3<3<3<3.

Who do you like the most in the BTS? I know it’s hard to choose XD…but I think I like Mew’s makeup, hairstyle, and pose the most in the clip. Mint’s and Kim’s makeup looks a bit too shiny and sparkling IMO. Yaya looks fine too, but somehow Mew just caught my eyes ><.

‘Girls you take my heart away…’

credit: Seesan Banterng, ch3
photo: dek-d