Mint Nuttwara recently uploaded the photo above where she made the Nang Rai’s face, eyes gazing at Gubgib with hatred and envy (the same gaze that Chompooprae always did in GRGR XD). Gubgib, on the other hand, made a sad face and stared at the camera as if asking for help.

Gubgib commented in the photo with “TTTT_TTTT I’m afraid of you already, Chompooprae“. Mint answered back with the phrase she said to Fah many times in Game Rai Game Rak, “You’re lying! I don’t believe you!“.

Fans’ comments include “looks like you want to revenge her“, “So Drama!!! KeKe!!!“, “you look so evil, Chompooprae, but love you (Mint)“, “Wow….“, “cute look like twin“, “Why does that girl look scared and the other looks like she’s gonna beat her lol >.<!“, “This is beautiful“, and “love this pic“.

This is the photo Gubgib posted on her instagram account, in response to Mint’s photo. She wrote “Chompooprae met with Pearly 😉“. In this photo, it’s Gubgib who is Nang Rai and Mint as Nang’ek. This photo reminds me so much of Mint and Gubgib in their first debut lakorn, Ngao Rak Luang Jai. LOL

PS. Pearly is the antagonist role Gubgib played in Likit Sanae Ha