Recently Vicky Sunisa, who is overly excited about wearing a wedding dress (which she will be wearing soon in real life), posted many photos from the set of ‘Mook Liam Petch’ with Susie Susira, Rome Patchata, Ta Warit, and other cast. With the photo above, she wrote “Overly excited bride XD“. Shortly after Susie commented “Haha I love it!!!“, whereas Vicky replied “lol!!!!!! XD love it too!” Later, Susie posted another comment, “ lol looking at it again reminds me you made me do a funny face n U didn’t do one yourself!! Sneaky sneaky!! we’ll see ;-P“, in which Vicky responded with “oops!! Lol!!“.

Vicky uploaded this photo with a caption “Hysterical brides in Mook Liam Petch series lol!!” Her fans’ comments include “Suayyyy na sis“, “waiting for the day P’Vicky will wear this in real life na krub 55 <3<3“, “Susie naruk ka“, “Awh stunning (:“, and “so pretty lol Nice faces 😛

Awhile later Vicky uploaded another photo, now also with the two male leads of the series, Rome and Ta. She remarked, “The craziness continues on set Mook Liam Petch series ;-P“, which Susie commented ” Hahahaha P’Rome is soo not rockin the shot with us 3 crazies lol“. Vicky replied with “I knowww!!! Lol!!! Dammit Rome!! 😉

Her fans also asked about the date that Mook Liam Petch will air, Vicky said January 2012 (?). Hmm…I wonder if the information is true because about 6 days ago she also announced that her other lakorn, Mue Prab Por Look Orn will air on January 2012 ><.

credit: Vicky’s