Dao Kra Jai’s news reporter, Aomjai, is known for having similar face structure and smile with Gubgib Sumontip, an actress of channel 3. Recently when Gubgib went to Polyplus building to guest in Ratri Samosorn, Aom and Gubgib had a chance to meet and pose for the camera alongside each other to show their similarities. In the video, Gubgib said that she has so many look alikes and that she doesn’t want P’Aom to look like her because she (GG) thinks she is UGLY.

In a related video, Mario Maurer also had a chance to meet Aomjai many months ago at Polyplus building. He jokingly called her ‘Gubgiebbb’ with his funny cracking voice. When asked whether Aom looks like his girlfriend, he said they have different STYLE. And when asked whether he likes her and the MC, he said ‘CHOB’ which means ‘like’ and added ‘NARUK ARR’ which means ‘cuteeeee’ XD. LOL Mario’s quite naruk and childish here :).

credit: Dao Kra Jai, Polyplus