Pope Tanawat was rumored to have gone to a pub at Chiangmai with some girls and gotten drunk blah blah. When asked about the rumor, he stated that his family evacuated from Bangkok to Chiangmai due to flood situation at his place. “I went to a place called ‘Warm-Up’ with my sister and my manager for my work. We just had a meal there and I didn’t order any beverage krub. I have never tried beverage, beer, or any other alcoholic drinks before.”

Due to the scandal, one of Pope’s fans had uploaded a clip from Mango Bango TV program, where Nok Chatchai, a producer of Tawan Duerd, praised Pope for being a very clean person. He stated that Pope doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, and regularly sleeps early (around 22:30). Pope explained that he needed to sleep early because filming for Tawan Duerd started around 5 to 6 AM in the morning, plus he already finished memorizing the dialogues for the next day. Pope also told that P’Nok suggested him to try a little of this and that so that he would have more immunity to colds and sickness (Pope became sick often during Tawan Duerd’s filming). Nok Chatchai added that sometimes Pope would meditate during his break time off from filming. The MC also complimented him for being such an impressive young man.

My thougths: Woahhh…Pope you’re like a dream! It’s hard to find a man who lives a life like this at his age, especially as a celebrity who ofcourse needs to socialize alot. Good boy, I think I like you even more from this :). You remind me of my best friend who always sleep early, doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke…but she’s a girl!!

Here’s the clip where Boy Pisanu and Nok Chatchai confirmed that Pope doesn’t drink..

Another clip where he said he never drinks..

source: Mango Bango, Banterng 5