Seems like Dan’s fans must be so glad that this month they will get to see him in two movies straight and get to hear his precious voice from all the OSTs of both movies he played. The first movie is ‘THE MELODY‘, released on December 8, 2011, which I wrote a review about it earlier. Another upcoming movie which Dan took part in is called ‘Bangkok Sweety‘ or known in Thai as Sor Kor Sor Sweety, which will be released on December 29.

I personally am so excited about Bangkok Sweety just because of the cast of this movie alone. There are altogether 11 main cast for this movie including Dan Worrawech (ofcourse how could he not be in the movie ><), Beam Kawee (Dan and Beam in the same movie!! Missing D2B much), Pattie Ungsumalynn (Dan’s current girlfriend :)), Pae Arak, Wan Thanakrit (another great songwriter and singer! I wish he sings the OST too ><), Gypsy Keerati, Gypso Ramita (Gypsy and Gypso are good-looking sisters with totally different appeal), Tony Rakkaen, Ja Natthaweeranuch (long time no see and she still looks the same :)), Saipan Apinya, and Kohtee. Most of them are famous from this type of teen movie and I’m looking forward to watch this movie on my New Year’s holiday. Who’s with me? XD

Song Title: Sapawa Ting Tua (Bangkok Sweety OST)
Artist: Dan Worrawech

Dan-Gypsy / Pattie-Pae / Wan-Gypso-Tony / Beam-Ja / Kohtee-Saipan / All cast

Take a look at the clip below to get the idea of how this movie would be like..

credit: M39,