Recently ch3’s Seesan Banterng has revealed the calendar photoshoot behind-the-scene of Poh Nattawut, Pope Tanawat, Namfon Patcharin, and Benz Pornchita for May cover page. The shoot is set outdoor in a sheep farm and in the photo, Benz was holding one of the little white sheeps ><. In a short interview, Poh revealed that he exercised by running for about a month just for this calendar shooting. Benz complimented Poh that he looks younger, like a 22-year-old man XD. Benz then joked that she thought Poh is about the same age as her, Pope, and Namfon. Poh then changed his place to stand next to Pope, and kept saying Poh-Pope.

LOL Poh is quite an entertaining guy, and I think he looks much younger here than in Wanalee…I guess it’s the magic of exercising!

credit: Seesan Banterng, ch3
photo: dek-d