Gmm Grammy has just released the official MV of Palmy‘s 3rd single ‘Ga Ga Ga‘ after her comeback with ‘Kid Mark‘ and ‘Cry Cry Cry‘. This upbeat song has a ska feel to it. The music video was set in the past, when this type of music was booming in Thailand, and was filmed at one old movie theater in Bangkok. ‘Ga’ is short for ‘E Ga’ which means ‘crow’ in Thai language. The main idea of this song is to dance your ass off (‘ten rang ten ga‘) without any worries, just be carefree, no need to care about anyone, live your life to the fullest, blah blah. If you watch the video, you’ll see how carefree Plamy was in here XD. The highlight of this music video is the scene where Palmy performed Lindy Hop steps with her partner. I was impressed that she’s not only a great singer, but she could also dance (she actually lifted her leg straight and pointed her toe when she was being lifted, meaning she’s got some dancing basics). I like the fact that she put so much effort on everything, including this ‘Ga Ga Ga’ music video :).

One more thing…I have a feeling the beginning of this song would sound good for Tawan Duerd opening or sth. Too bad Tawan Duerd had ended many months ago ><. I’ve observed that Yaya Urassaya likes to sing Palmy’s song especially ‘Kid Mark‘, I hope she sings this one too…Palmy’s songs really suited Yaya’s voice and accent.

credit: Gmm Grammy, tpoptrock