Recently, Vill Wannarot uploaded the photo above with caption, “My lakorn set, Narm Keun Hai Reep Rak, too perfect!!!!!“, expressing how luxurious the house used for filming is. The filming of Narm Keun Hai Reep Rak is shooting at Rayong, Thailand. Fans commented “fresh and quiet,I like ❤“, “awesome house 🙂“, “❤ stunning in awe“, “What a comfy house“, “Cosy“, “Wow it’s fantastic“, “Is this the one with P’Pong Nawat?! (: I love the house/room. I wanna live in it now. 555“, “I wish this lakorn set would be my real life home set :):)“, etc.

I wish I had a house that beautiful too! The house looks good for vacation…the real owner sure must be rich XD.

I like this pic!

credit: Vill’s